About MeshWear Technologies Inc.

MeshWear Technologies Inc. began operations in Hamilton, Ontario, at the center of Canada's industrial heartland.

The idea for our ventilated work pants came from a steelworker, prohibited from wearing shorts at work, who then set out to create a product that would provide the comfort and coolness of a pair of shorts while maintaining the abrasion protection inherent in conventional pants.

COOLWORKS® convertible ventilated work pants were created by workers, for workers. Developed by listening carefully to the specific requirements of employers and by thoroughly sampling and testing the trousers in a variety of demanding industrial environments, MeshWear Technologies Inc. Patent Pending designs are setting the standard in industrial quality ventilated work wear.

Some of our markets include:

  • Municipal/Public Works – roads, parks, water, etc.
  • Waste services and recycling
  • Warehousing and loading areas
  • Trucking/delivery/service personnel
  • Food services, bakeries, etc.
  • Road construction and maintenance/ Paving
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Steel fabrication, stamping, etc.
  • Moulding, extruding, production facilities, etc.
  • Automotive assembly and parts manufacturing
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Indoor/Outdoor retail service
  • Machinery/Property maintenance personnel
  • Civic services-Police, EMS, firefighter, etc.
  • Landscaping/golf course maintenance
  • Military
  • Telecom service-telephone, cable, etc.
  • Sand & Gravel/Cement operation
  • Towing
  • Agricultural workers
  • Airports
  • Traffic Control Services
  • Construction
  • Courier and delivery personnel

COOLWORKS® convertible ventilated work pants are also ideal for recreational and sports activities, which include hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, golf, rollerblading, skateboarding, paintball, etc.

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